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And so it appears...

Covid-19 has impacted the world for all the wrong reasons. But, in my case, it provided an opportunity to pause, reflect and refocus. One year after ending my 21 year marriage, changing jobs, facing personal losses and unwell friends I couldn't have been any lower.

So, on furlough, I picked up my paintbrush and decided to make the most of my time dealing with Covid-19 and enjoying creating again for the first time in two decades.

I was gobsmacked when I received feedback from friends and family that what I had produced was actually 'good'. I channelled my inner hippy and created some scenes for my sister for her new 'Greek' style garden house...

...and then got more and more interest from people wanted 'original' images of their favourite places. I honestly think that #lockdown made us all want to travel, revisit our favourite places and 'wish you were here' moments.

And I have been delighted and nervous to reproduce some special memoiries for some very special people.


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